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Uni Vet   Anesthesia machines
Uni Vet -Porta T-8

O² flowmeter 0-5.6 ltr / min.

Housing aluminum / stainless steel

Accuracy ± 5% over the entire scale, inlet pressure up to 12 bar.

Up to 70 ° C. Height 250mm



State-of-the-art anesthetic vaporizer with anti-spill filling system and temperature compensation. Suitable for low flow from 0.5 l / min.

Scaling 0-5 V%.

On the back with quick coupling socket, hose connection with one click

2 outputs with toggle switch

are standard on the UniVet T-8.

= Fast switching of the gas supply

from chamber to mask or vice versa.


Anti spill filling system.

Leak-tightness during the entire filling process.

When the process is completed, the filling valve of the vaporizer closes automatically.



Optionally with 2.3 or 4-way distributor - each channel can be switched on and off individually.

UV 17015-2 with 2 switching valves

UV 17015-4 with 4 switching valves


When you order an equipment cart, a retaining claw is attached to the frame of the anesthesia machine, with which the UniVet can be attached and detached again very quickly and safely.

The equipment trolley is delivered so that only the

Feet and the bottle holder after delivery

have to be assembled by yourself. Tools and screws are of course included.

_IGP6126 AS.jpg
Uni Vet  Trolley
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