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Accessories for your table anesthesia setup

Gas supply

The UniVet table anesthesia machine is usually operated with oxygen as the carrier gas. The following 3 O² sources are the most commonly used.

Oxygen cylinder 75%

Wall outlet 15%

Oxygen concentrator 10%


Operation with oxygen cylinder:

For this you need a pressure reducer that reduces the gas from the bottle to the pressure set for the UniVet anesthesia machine (2-5 bar).

Pressure reducer OxyFix Pressure reducer O² Oxyway FIX IIIc120 l: / min. 4.5 bar permanently set. For operation on oxygen cylinders. With contents manometer, hose nozzle and replacement seals, chrome-plated housing. Manual connection for fastening without tools.

UV 17018

Operation from a wall extraction point:

For operation from a tapping point on the wall that is immediately available in the work environment, you need an extraction plug for oxygen. When purchasing a UniVet anesthesia machine, this plug is already mounted on the supply hose.


Gas extraction plug with hose nozzle. DIN angled plug O²

UV 17022


Anesthetic gas suction plug angled 45 °,

AGFS connector, EN737

UV 17023

Operation with oxygen concentrator:

The oxygen concentrator draws in the air from its immediate environment via an electric pump. In the final phase, the filtered nitrogen is removed from the filters in the oxygen concentrator and the concentrated oxygen, approx. 95%, is released to the consumer.

Everflow O² concentrator.

Power supply 230 V 50Hz - flow rate 0.5 - 5 liters / minute - O2 concentration 94% (+/- 3%) at 2 L // minute, 88% (+/- 4%) at 5 L // minute - noise development below 40 dBA - dimensions (height / width / depth): 58 x 38 x 24 cm. Power consumption: 295 watts - filter change: 2 years, guarantee 2 years. Including nasal cannula and humidifier.

UV 17020

Filling adapter


If you have ordered a UniVet table anesthesia machine, you will always receive the appropriate filler adapter for your anesthetic vaporizer.

Our versions of filler adapters are shown here to reorder the adapters.

1 Isoflurane safety filling hose. Flexible and bendable up to 90 °, made of perforated plastic. For safe filling of the anesthetic into the vaporizer.

E.g. for anesthetic vaporizers of the Dräger Vapor 19.3, Datex-Ohmeda Tec 3, 4 and 5 series.

UV 17004 SES

2 Isoflurane anti spill safety filler adapters. This adapter is used for our current vaporizer model and offers the safest and most user-friendly handling when filling the isoflurane into the anesthetic vaporizer. The function is described in more detail on the PRODUCTS> Anesthesia devices page .

UV 17004 AS

3 Quick´Save safety inflation hose isoflurane. For the safe and quick filling of the anesthetic in older anesthetic vaporizers with an open filler neck. In the past, people poured directly from the bottle into the filling opening of the vaporizer. With this adapter

achieve a controlled and rapid filling process.

UV 17004 QS

Distributor and adapter


Laboratory 3/2-way stopcock.

The anesthetic gas fed into the tap can be switched on the white valve lever as follows:

To exit 1, for example at chamber

To output 2, for example at the mask

Output 1 and 2 in parallel, e.g. on the chamber and mask

UV 17060

Rocker arm valve.

Already available as standard on the UniVet T-8. Can also be ordered individually and afterwards

to older anesthesia machines or e.g. Laboratory tables can be mounted. (Mounting holes available).

One input, 2 outputs. Switching process enables the gas supply to be switched over

to the chamber or mask and vice versa.

UV 17061

Heating mats

  • UV 17011 heating mat for RAC Pro SET

  • Heating mat L / W / H 25 x 15 x 0.4 cm, 10 W, 220 V

  • Warmth range 34 ° - 38 °

  • IP protection class: IPX4 - protection against splash water

  • UV 17011-L heating mat for RAC Pro Multi

  • Heating mat L / W / H 35 x 23 x 0.5 cm, 20 W, 220 V

  • Warmth range 34 ° - 38 °

  • IP protection class: IPX4 - protection against splash water

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