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Uni Vet   Anesthesia machines
Anesthesia setup with chamber and mask
Uni Vet -Porta T-8
  • UV 17001-T8 Door

  • Anesthetic vaporizer 0-5% for isoflurane, latest safety filling device.

  • O² flow meter 0-5 l/min.

  • Powder-coated aluminium frame, white

  • 2 outputs can be switched on and off individually

  • 2 rocker switches

  • Dimensions: W/D/H 240/140/300mm


  • UV 17015-4 4-way distributor. 4 outputs can be switched on and off individually.

Anaesthetic vaporizer of the UniVet T-8 device

Anti spill filling system.

Leak-tightness during the entire filling process.

When the process is completed, the filling valve of the vaporizer closes automatically.



UniVet T8 anesthesia machine



State-of-the-art anesthetic vaporizer with anti-spill filling system and temperature compensation. Suitable for low flow from 0.5 l / min.

Scaling 0-5 V%.

2 outputs with toggle switch

are standard on the UniVet T-8.

= Fast switching of the gas supply

from chamber to mask or vice versa.

On the back with quick coupling socket, hose connection with one click

Uni Vet -Compact T-9
  • UV 17001-T9 UniVet Compact

  • Anaesthetic vaporizer 0-5% for isoflurane, safety filling device

  • O² flow meter 0-5 l/min.

  • Powder-coated aluminium frame, white

  • 2 outputs can be switched on and off individually

  • 2 rocker switches 1 O²-Flush push button

  • Dimensions: W/D/H 240/140/300mm

Minimal space requirement


Equipped with the proven isoflurane vaporizer of the UniVet T-8 model and 2 separately switchable outputs as well as an O² flush, the UniVet T9C is ideally equipped for most applications of today's anesthesia in the research laboratory.

Flowmeter O² 0- 5 ltr/min.

UniVap anesthesia vaporizer for isoflurane 0-5 V%

with safety filling valve (can be filled without a hose)

Ultra-compact housing - footprint approximately like DIN A5

Dimensions W/D/H 240x140x300 mm

2 outputs, each with an on/off switch.

O² Flush push button for quick flushing of the chamber (e.g. before removing the animals - to protect the user)

Equipment trolley for anesthesia machine

When ordering an equipment trolley, a holding claw is also attached to the frame of the anesthesia machine, with which the UniVet can be attached and removed very quickly and safely.

The equipment trolley is delivered in such a way that only the

Feet and bottle holder after delivery

have to be assembled by yourself. Tools and screws are of course included.

Uni Vet Trolley

Uni Vet anesthesia machine with equipment cart. Practical if there is not enough work space available or your workplace should remain mobile. Also ideal for small laboratories. Standard equipment with 4 steerable castors and parking brake, with drawer, shelf and bottle holder as well as a parking holder for gas bottles up to 10ltr. Dimensions at the lower corners 60 x 60 cm, height 120 cm. Can be expanded individually on request with many extras such as baskets and telescopic holders.

  • UV 17019

  • very stable design

  • 5 steerable castors

  • Parking brake

  • Drawer and shelf

  • Holder for O² gas cylinder


  • UV 17019-OS equipment trolley, as described above, with storage space instead of a drawer.

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