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Uni Vet   Anesthesia machines





Uni Vet -Porta T-8

The Uni Vet Anesthesia machine is specially designed for research on rodents. Precision and reliability in dosing flow rates and anesthetic gases. The quality of the individual components and parts is convincing in daily research work in the laboratory. Available as a portable table anesthesia device UniVet Porta or as UniVet Mobil mounted on an equipment cart. With isoflurane or sevoflurane anesthetic vaporizers and flow meters for O², Air or N²O.

Uni Vet anesthesia machines are always equipped with high-quality anesthesia vaporizers of the latest design. These are characterized by precise dosing even at very low flow rates and their consequent low consumption. With the latest "Quick'n Save" safety filling system. As a result, to protect the user, no anesthetic gases can escape into the environment during filling. Standard equipment with 2-way toggle switch, for example to switch the gas flow from chamber to mask.

  • UV 17001-T8 UniVet Porta

  • Anesthetic vaporizer 0-5% for isoflurane, safety filling device

  • O² flowmeter 0-5 l / min.

  • Aluminum frame, white

  • 2 outputs

  • 1 toggle switch (A1 to A2)

  • H / W / D 320x220x200mm

Required for operation:

UV 17003 hose set.

Pressure hose with quick coupling, access hose to the chamber / mask and exhaust air hose, each 2m. Including necessary adapter for the

ordered setup.






  • UV 17008 additional flowmeter N²O, Air, CO²

  • UV 17015 2 or 4 outputs can be switched individually

Required for operation:

UV 17004 anti-spill filler adapter

_IGP6126 AS.jpg
Uni Vet Trolley

Uni Vet anesthesia machine with equipment cart. Practical if there is not enough work space available or your workplace should remain mobile. Also ideal for small laboratories. Standard equipment with 4 steerable castors and parking brake, with drawer, shelf and bottle holder as well as a parking holder for gas bottles up to 10ltr. Dimensions at the lower corners 60 x 60 cm, height 120 cm. Can be expanded individually on request with many extras such as baskets and telescopic holders.

  • UV 17019

  • very stable design

  • 5 steerable castors

  • Parking brake

  • Drawer and shelf

  • Holder for O² gas cylinder


  • UV 17019-OS equipment trolley, as described above, with storage space instead of a drawer.

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