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Anesthetic masks and work platforms



LAS Pro mask for mice and rats


AND variable

RAC Pro Rodent Anesthesia Circuit

New anesthetic circuit system with anesthetic mask for rodents. A closed anesthetic circuit for controlled anesthesia in mice and rats. Masks in different sizes for mice and rats. A wear-free membrane seals flexibly and completely, so that no anesthetic gas gets into the environment of the user and the anesthesia can thus be ideally controlled. The membrane is thermally stable and dimensionally stable and can be disinfected without any problems. The aluminum mask base offers a stable hold in individual applications and on heating plates and can optionally also be used with the OR work surface (RAC-Pro Set).

New: thermally stable and dimensionally stable membrane, wear-free and tight.

  • UV 17010-22

  • Mask for mice

  • closed circle

  • Acrylic mask funnel, transparent

  • wear-free diaphragm d20 / 5

  • prepared for RAC operating table

  • Dimensions L / W / H: 90/40 / 40mm

  • UV 17010-22

  • Mask for mice

  • closed circle

  • Acrylic mask funnel, transparent

  • wear-free diaphragm d20 / 5

  • prepared for RAC operating table

  • Dimensions L / W / H: 90/40 / 40mm

RAC Pro work table with mask

RAC Pro Set

The RAC Pro SET consists of the mask described above and an OR worktop. The mask is put on 2 pins and offers the best comfort and optimal stability. An air slot grille in the area of the mask enables the anesthetic gases escaping there to be sucked off. The mask can be positioned at different heights so that conventional heating mats can also be used. Polished surface for easy cleaning. 1 OR worktop 360/190/20 mm, 1 RAC Pro Single for mouse d22mm or rat d45mm.

The anesthetic gas from the vaporizer is fed directly into the funnel-shaped mask within the RAC block and swirled evenly, the excess and expiratory gas is transported away again via a larger diameter pipe and, if necessary, fed into a filter.

  • UV 17011 heating mat for RAC Pro SET

  • Heating mat L / W / H 25 x 15 x 0.4 cm, 10 W, 220 V

  • Warmth range 34 ° - 38 °

  • IP protection class: IPX4 - protection against splash water

  • UV 17017 RAC Pro SET

  • Operating table for laboratory mice and rats

  • including 1 RAC-Pro mask UV17010-22

  • Device for attaching the RAC mask

  • polished surface for easy cleaning

  • Connection for suction from the air slot grille

  • Dimensions: L / W / H 360/190/20

Recommended scavenger:

RACPro Scavenger UV17014 Pro - for sufficient suction power that is required for the work table.

RAC Pro work table with mask

RAC Proflex

Soft and flexible, without metals. For MR and other special applications. Functions like RAC Pro mask

  • UV 17010-M or-R    RAC-Flex

  • Mask for Mice or Rats

  • closed circle

  • Acrylic mask funnel, transparent

  • wear-free membrane

  • flexible plastic, without metals

  • Dimensions: funnel mask d = 20, L = 180mm

PXL_20240513_100356045~2 (002).jpg

Optionally available with a heavy bracket for more stability. Height adjustable for variable use, e.g. on heating mats.

RAC Pro Multi


RAC-Pro Multi
A blue distribution block holds 4 masks, each of which is supplied with anesthetic gas through a hose that leads directly into the mask funnel. In other words, even and constant anesthetic gas concentration in all masks. The anesthetic gas is discharged via a single line - advantage: short hose routes and a tidy work platform. New wear-free rubber / silicone membranes. Can be operated with 2, 3 or 4 masks. Incl. Heating mat and hose lines. Dimensions: 32/26/2 cm. Weight 1.2 kg


  • UV 17017-4 RAC-Pro Multi

  • incl. 4 RAC masks

  • each fully assembled with compounds and Bats earch incl. Heizmatte constant 36-38 ° C, 35x23cm, 220V.

Operating table with heating mat

Fig. With OR worktop UV17017


The Thermostar set consists of a flexible blue heating mat and a 2-channel temperature controller with control monitor and a rectal probe. The heating mat is a perfect fit for the UV 17017 operating theater plate and lies flat on flat surfaces. The Thermostar can regulate and control 2 heating mats and probes independently of each other.

  • UV 17030 Thermostar

  • 2 separately controllable channels

  • high quality and flexible heating mat

  • including rectal probe

  • Dimensions: Heating mat L / W / H 20/12 / 0.5 cm Controler L / W / H 21/16/8 cm, 220V

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